Re Dexamethasone therapy for Covid19

Per Dr. Walton, a physician friend who has been treating coronavirus: “This is just a brief comment as I’ve gotten some questions about the press release regarding dexamethasone (a type of steroid) as therapy for COVID19. The first thing to understand is that the full study has not yet been released to the medical community…Read more Re Dexamethasone therapy for Covid19

Coronavirus Prayer Intentions

Prayers and Thoughts Lifted For.. My immunocompromised physician father (anesthesiologist), who has been treating patients with coronavirus, without discrimination. Who has served in the Gulf War, suffered heart attacks, a mini stroke, and maintains his own bright light of faith that God is in control. My immunocompromised mother, who takes care of my physician father.…Read more Coronavirus Prayer Intentions

Overcoming – 2. Humility

This post is on the second most common theme or trait I see in patients who succeed in therapy: Humility. There are two kinds of humility I see in patients who succeed. (1) The humility to be a compliant and responsible medical patient. (2) The humility to live in the reality that clinicians and physicians…Read more Overcoming – 2. Humility

In-Between Moments: 3. Afternoon Prayer for Patients

I generally reserve Saturdays for my patients who are in crisis with suicidal ideation. I know I cannot do this work alone, and on my own. I need to pray, and I need others to pray with me. This is today's prayer. Dear God, Thank You for being in the ministry of healing. Thank You…Read more In-Between Moments: 3. Afternoon Prayer for Patients

In-Between Moments: 2. Evening Prayer for Patients

Dear Friends, It is vital to our caring ministries to pray for our patients. I am not the Healer. I am only a vessel, trained and prepared to be part of a good work. I am thankful I can pray. Tonight, I want to pray specifically for my high-functioning patients who struggle with hopelessness and…Read more In-Between Moments: 2. Evening Prayer for Patients