Dear Friends,

It is vital to our caring ministries to pray for our patients. I am not the Healer. I am only a vessel, trained and prepared to be part of a good work. I am thankful I can pray.

Tonight, I want to pray specifically for my high-functioning patients who struggle with hopelessness and helplessness, trauma, chronic pain, and suicidality.

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for each person I am thinking of right now. Thank You for being able to see them in the midst of their pain, loneliness, and suffering, when it is more or less invisible to everyone else around them. Thank You that You see truly, and not as humans see–which is of the flesh and exterior appearances. Thank You for seeing them as they are, and loving them as they are…. Not just as they will be, not as who they used to be, but as they are today.

Lord, I pray that You give them peace of mind as they lay their heads to sleep. I lift them up to you for You alone provide the peace that transcends understanding. Thank You for Your Word says that You give rest to the weary, and I place my faith in Your Word as True.

Lord, I pray that You provide relief to their joints, their muscles, their nerve endings, and their neurotransmitters. You know every fiber of their being, You have done no imperfect work in creating them. You are a good God even with the challenges and struggles You allow us to experience in our lives. Protect Your creation, protect Your works, that no evil could steal them of their joy any longer. Increase them in the purposes You created them for, and expand their loving kindness as you deepen their humility and grow them into giants who set the tone.

Thank You Lord, for allowing me to be part of their life, and part of their healing journey. Thank You Lord, that I get the privilege of seeing You work in their recovery process. Do Your thing, God. Keep doing Your thing. 🙂

In Jesus’ Name,


Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.06.04 AMThanks for praying with me,


Licensed Professional Counselor, EMDR Therapist, Certified Laughter Leader, Certified Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator, PeaceLove CREATOR Facilitator

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