Overcoming — 3. Curiosity

This is the third and last post in the overcoming series. The overcoming series of blogs are about the traits I have noticed in my therapy patients, who succeed in getting what they need out of treatment. There is success in therapy, because therapy is a form of healthcare. This means therapy interventions are medical…Read more Overcoming — 3. Curiosity

Overcoming – 2. Humility

This post is on the second most common theme or trait I see in patients who succeed in therapy: Humility. There are two kinds of humility I see in patients who succeed. (1) The humility to be a compliant and responsible medical patient. (2) The humility to live in the reality that clinicians and physicians…Read more Overcoming – 2. Humility

Overcoming – 1. Commitment

This past year, I continued to have the honor to work with patients who struggle with chronic and complex difficulties ranging from physical pains to suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts. There is a common pattern I notice in patients who win in their care. The next couple blogs will be about their common characteristics. The…Read more Overcoming – 1. Commitment