Re Dexamethasone therapy for Covid19

Per Dr. Walton, a physician friend who has been treating coronavirus: “This is just a brief comment as I’ve gotten some questions about the press release regarding dexamethasone (a type of steroid) as therapy for COVID19. The first thing to understand is that the full study has not yet been released to the medical community…Read more Re Dexamethasone therapy for Covid19

Overcoming — 3. Curiosity

This is the third and last post in the overcoming series. The overcoming series of blogs are about the traits I have noticed in my therapy patients, who succeed in getting what they need out of treatment. There is success in therapy, because therapy is a form of healthcare. This means therapy interventions are medical…Read more Overcoming — 3. Curiosity

Connecting with Creativity – 1. A Poem

“Sometimes It’s Too Silent” Written by Unknown poet.  It makes me feel alone, and often sad. But I can also say I need Your holy silence. The kind where you just sit with me quietly, Lord. The kind where I know you are near. The kind where I know you are working for my good,…Read more Connecting with Creativity – 1. A Poem

Overcoming – 2. Humility

This post is on the second most common theme or trait I see in patients who succeed in therapy: Humility. There are two kinds of humility I see in patients who succeed. (1) The humility to be a compliant and responsible medical patient. (2) The humility to live in the reality that clinicians and physicians…Read more Overcoming – 2. Humility

The Therapist’s Couch – 2. (Your) Comfort

Dear Friends, Something clicks when I see my patients get comfy on the couch. I bear witness:  This therapy couch is not only for them, but made by them. The postpartum mom who finally has a moment to release her self-expression, after she tried to keep a perfect facade up for others' comfort everywhere else--collapses…Read more The Therapist’s Couch – 2. (Your) Comfort