Resource: Mental and Emotional Health

Folks have been doing an amazing job adjusting to these times of global pandemic, as challenging as it has been. It can be overwhelming--this is entirely understandable. Burn out is real, and usually not realized or recognized until all-consuming. In this post below, there are 3 resources that can be used to self-assess and practice…Read more Resource: Mental and Emotional Health

Resource: Employee Assistance Program

There is no cost to employees who receive counseling and other services provided by the agency's EAP. Costs for outside treatment and professional services, which can result in personal expense, may be covered by your Federal Employee Health Benefits plan or private insurance. The EAP counselor will work with you to identify the best available…Read more Resource: Employee Assistance Program

Re Dexamethasone therapy for Covid19

Per Dr. Walton, a physician friend who has been treating coronavirus: “This is just a brief comment as I’ve gotten some questions about the press release regarding dexamethasone (a type of steroid) as therapy for COVID19. The first thing to understand is that the full study has not yet been released to the medical community…Read more Re Dexamethasone therapy for Covid19

Overcoming – 2. Humility

This post is on the second most common theme or trait I see in patients who succeed in therapy: Humility. There are two kinds of humility I see in patients who succeed. (1) The humility to be a compliant and responsible medical patient. (2) The humility to live in the reality that clinicians and physicians…Read more Overcoming – 2. Humility

Overcoming – 1. Commitment

This past year, I continued to have the honor to work with patients who struggle with chronic and complex difficulties ranging from physical pains to suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts. There is a common pattern I notice in patients who win in their care. The next couple blogs will be about their common characteristics. The…Read more Overcoming – 1. Commitment