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Hey guys, this is Ellice. I’m a licensed professional counselor and a wellness coach. Welcome back to COVID19 Mental Health Chats. The topic of this video is going to be WHERE TO START IF YOU ARE COPARENTING WITH SOME CHALLENGES, DURING COVID19. I decided to make this video because there is a common occurrence of…Read more Archive Transcript:

Overcoming – 2. Humility

This post is on the second most common theme or trait I see in patients who succeed in therapy: Humility. There are two kinds of humility I see in patients who succeed. (1) The humility to be a compliant and responsible medical patient. (2) The humility to live in the reality that clinicians and physicians…Read more Overcoming – 2. Humility

In-Between Moments: 2. Evening Prayer for Patients

Dear Friends, It is vital to our caring ministries to pray for our patients. I am not the Healer. I am only a vessel, trained and prepared to be part of a good work. I am thankful I can pray. Tonight, I want to pray specifically for my high-functioning patients who struggle with hopelessness and…Read more In-Between Moments: 2. Evening Prayer for Patients